Frequently Asked Questions

Why Can't I Login To The New Version of MxM?
Last Updated 10 months ago

If this is your first time logging in since MxM v3.0 was released in August 2018, you will need to reset your password at the login screen.

To do this:

  • Click “Sign In”
  • Click “Forgot Password”
  • Enter your Email Address and Then Submit.
Wait around 5 minutes for the system to process a password reset email.

What if my email was not found?

Your account may have been inactive for too long, and it may have been missed during migration as a result.

I forgot my email address.

Not a problem. Just submit a ticket with an email address or number we can reach you at, to let us know. We’ll help you figure it out.

I don’t want to start all over.

Since MxM v3 introduced so many changes and upgrades that make us much more than a forum, there weren’t enough equivalent spots to move it all over. If you remember your details, however, we can fetch your content for you and transfer it to your account, or in a zip file.

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