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How does Messaging work on MxM?
Last Updated 10 months ago

Seamlessly - most of the time! To message someone on MxM, go to their profile and select Send Private Message. If they happen to be online, you can even choose CHAT NOW underneath their avatar to Instant Message them! All methods of messaging include:

  • Visiting a member's profile and writing a public message on their wall
  • Using the IM/Chat system at the bottom
  • Sending a Private Message
  • Writing/Replying to a Forum Thread
  • Writing a Message in one of our many Interest Groups
  • Writing on the wall of a posted Event

We've been having significant trouble with the messaging system - specifically with users accessing the site via iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch). As far as members have told us, no one else is experiencing this. We should note that v4 (coming soon) has been thoroughly tested to ensure this situation never happens again.

Currently, the workarounds for iOS users entail:

  • using the chat at the bottom for messaging online/recently online members
  • visiting a member's profile and writing a message on their wall
  • Using "Request Desktop Site" (via the menu) when replying to private messages

Even with our current challenges with messaging at MxM, things are looking up! A new platform will be released soon - thanks for bearing with us, and being a member of MxM.

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