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How do I control who can view my content?
Last Updated 10 months ago

MxM is designed to be a resource for men into trampling & squashing fetish - but we all have different privacy needs! Here, we address the platform’s current abilities in guarding your privacy. They are more substantial than you think.

First and foremost, your privacy settings can be accessed anytime you’re logged in by going here.

Available Privacy Settings

View My Profile
With this setting, you can completely control who is allowed to view your profile. You can either keep it open to everyone, restrict it to your friends, or allow no one at all - except mods, of course.

View my presence on site
This setting controls who can see when you’re online.

Who can invite me to chat
You can restrict someone’s ability to IM you by setting it to “My Friends” or “Only Me”.

View My Video
This control refers to the "Shared Videos" tab. Shared Videos are embed videos shared via the Global Feed or added on the Shared Videos tab. With this, you can control who can see the ones you’ve posted.

View My Friends
This setting can restrict other members' ability to see who you are friends with via your profile.

  • view your profile
  • see you online
  • start chats with you
  • watch the clips you upload
  • see who you're friends with
  • look at your profile newsfeed
  • view your photos across the site
  • ... and much more!

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