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Getting Started with Messaging

Posted on 06 January 2023 04:27 pm

Our messaging is pretty straightforward, and works without any additional configuration. You can send unlimited messages at any membership level.


Sending A Message

To send a message, go to any member's profile, then select "Message". The messaging system begins to load. Then, you can start the conversation.



Creating a Group Chat 

To send a group chat, tap the messages icon (upper right on desktop, very bottom on mobile). Select "See All". Then, tap the gear icon toward the right. Select "Create a group chat". 

NOTE: You can only add people to a group chat who follow you on MxM. 



On Desktop, you can also create a Group Chat by clicking the "group" icon on the right sidebar. 

NOTE: You can only add people to a group chat who follow you on MxM. 


Frequently Asked Questions


"What happens to my messages if I leave MxM?" - Good question. MxM prioritizes your privacy. When your account is deleted, our servers erase everything with your name attached - including your messages, from both sides.


"What can I send through messages?" - Photos, videos, and files. Pretty much anything, so long as it doesn't violate our rules or any US laws. If you have a file that won't send, you can contact us to request we allow its upload.


"Are messages encrypted on this site?" - Definitely! It is NOT end-to-end encryption, however.


"Are messages delivered with AJAX or Node.JS?" - AJAX. Our messaging system is Node.JS capable, but this has not yet been enabled.


"Does MxM have an app for messaging yet?" Sadly, not yet. 


Have a suggestion - or a question? Feel free to submit a Support Request or email your question to


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