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Threat Management at MxM

Posted on 03 January 2023 06:26 pm

We take our objective to connect fetish people around the world pretty seriously. To do that, we have to at least stay online! And for a fetish site to do that, it must run responsibly and keep bad actors at bay.


(If things seem peaceful from your end, chances are we’re doing our job well!)


Our Threat Response covers several factors - such as the rate of cyberattack attempts against the service, the safety of our members from a politically neutral standpoint, increased violations of our policies in a way that threatens our legal standing, and so much more.

We created the MxM Threat Level System to make it easy for you to understand how our Threat Response affects your experience on our website:


MxM Threat Level System (MxM-TLS)


SEVERITY ZERO - “Peacetime”

  • Friendly skies!
  • Admins are kicking back and probably enjoying hot fetish content right along with you
  • No major threats or problematic community activity
  • Security controls are lax (but not too lax…)
  • Memberships are available and open to the kinky adult public
  • All offered features are enabled

SEVERITY ONE - “Concern”

  • A potentially bad actor is trying to make trouble for us, -or- something is creating concern with peaceful continuity of website operations
  • We may halt open registration and delegate new user invites to existing members
  • Some features may not work properly (depending on how we choose to protect the community )
  • Posts may temporarily be metered/filtered for approval by admins before they show up in the feed

SEVERITY TWO - “Trouble”

  • A clear threat has been established and we’re working to remove it
  • New memberships will be completely halted
  • We may enable defenses that:
    • Limit the ability to upload large files
    • Render the service unstable
  • The ReCAPTCHA prompts are going to get a bit ridiculous
  • Some features will be temporarily disabled
  • All users worldwide will be signed out and Two-factor Authentication (2FA) via email will be mandatory upon next login - PER device signing in
  • The ability to share content may be temporarily disabled

SEVERITY THREE - “Significant Threat”

  • A significant threat to MxM has been identified and elevated measures are in place
  • Members are contacted and provided an explanation of what’s happening
  • The service is moved to temporary lockdown; members will see a “Service Unavailable” message on all MxM resources when attempting to access the fetish community from website or app
  • Behind the scenes:
    • certain sensitive member data is erased from the server
    • MxM will air-gap all member data so that, regardless of the threat, member data cannot be accessed by bad actors



After the threat level has reduced or resolved, we send a root cause statement to ALL users and notify of any impacts to privacy or safety, depending on the nature of the incident.


Have a suggestion - or a question? Feel free to submit a Support Request or email your question to


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