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Accounts - Important Change to Community Safety

Posted on 13 January 2022 12:43 pm

We will now handle certain violations of our Terms automatically. 

Effective Immediately: 


  • If you don't have critical information (such as a date of birth) on file, you'll be prompted to enter it on your next visit
  • That is the only grace we'll extend you
  • If you dismiss our security prompt, you're instantly suspended
  • If, instead of providing this critical information, you enter erroneous information such as 1/1/1970 or 1/1/2001 for date of birth, or the use of disposable/uncontactable email addresses in your profile, the system will flag you and we're liable to void your membership at our discretion and render you ineligible for membership going forward 

To explain these changes:
there are members in our community without critical information on file. We're no longer tolerating it as we grow and it becomes more challenging to manage the community's security. Many have ignored our notifications and emails when asked nicely to fix it. They continue to sign in. We have decided that adjusting security and allowing such users lock themselves out was the best way to approach violations of our Terms of Service.


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