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Controlling your home feed on MxM

Posted on 27 October 2021 02:43 am

Usually, on a social network, you mainly see content by those you've followed. Our tradition is the reverse.


By default you will see all fetish content, in real time, as it is posted around the world by our members. We call this International Mode

Personal Mode, however, tells the feed to only show content by those you follow. If at any point, you desire more control of your home feed, you can easily switch to Personal Mode in two taps. 


1) On the home page, click the settings icon (highlighted in green above) to the left of the filter bar.


2) Tap Personal Mode (highlighted in yellow above). 


You can toggle International & Personal Mode (and other controls) as much as you want. Just remember that being respectful to other fetishists in the community isn't optional.


Home Feed control - Blocking members you don't like

If you prefer International Mode (seeing everyone's content all at once) but also want to avoid certain members' content, you can block them. We don't have any rules against it, nor do we penalize you for using this to control your experience.

(NOTE: The system will not allow you to block any member that is a moderator or administrator. If you experience problems from a mod or admin, contact the Managing Administrator ASAP by clicking here.)


Home Feed control - "Remove from my feed" feature

As seen above, you can also click the dropdown in the upper-right > select "Remove from my feed", which will hide that post forever. You can do this an unlimited number of times.


Need more feed control? Have a suggestion - or a question? Feel free to submit a Support Request or email your question to


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