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Guidelines for Groups on MxM

Posted on 19 October 2021 05:43 am

To make the groups feature work well for everyone, we will now adjust groups (new and current) according to these guidelines - effective November 1st 2021.

  1. We've simplified the categories to make meetup easier. There will now be two main categories: Fetish Groups and Meetup Groups (there is also Uncategorized and Other). Fetish Groups are groups for a specific kink or fetish, or even a variety of kinks/fetishes. Meetup Groups are groups based on a location, whether it's a city, state, etc.

  2. Please don't combine meetup and fetish groups. Fetish groups should not be made for specific locations (for example, forming a spanking/flogging group only for members in Belgium is not allowed). Instead, you could open a "spanking/flogging" fetish group, or a "Belgium" group. Whichever one you make, you are not restricted in what you post (as long as it respects our content rules in the Terms of Service). Go crazy!

  3. Titles will be adjusted for Meetup Groups. To make it easier for your meetup group to be discovered, Meetup Groups will be titled exactly to the city, state, country, or area for easy search. For example, a Florida meetup group will be named "Florida", a group for the DC Metro will be named "DMV", etc. This won't apply to fetish groups.

  4. (Strongly Recommended) Group creators - if your group is a Meetup Group, it's probably a good idea to filter who can join! This keeps your group helpful/useful for others in your area. To do this, go to your group > Edit > Settings > Privacy & Visibility Control > set Confirm to Yes.