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Join as a member

Posted on 18 October 2021 10:38 pm


Welcome to MxM



Joining is as easy as requesting a registration link here -OR- just emailing us to ask for that link. 


You'll be asked why you want to join - thoughtful answers get an invitation.

There are three ways to get in:

  1. Submitting a request to join (using one of the links above)
  2. Asking an existing member for an invitation - if you know one
  3. Clicking the "join" button on the welcome page (if we're having an open registration event)

Things we appreciate:

  • Learning a bit about you when you request an invitation
  • Passionate fetishists becoming members
  • Newcomers who aren't afraid to break out of their shell
  • People who don't attack others for having different fetishes than them


Things we borderline hate:

  • 3-4 word join requests 
  • Join requests coming from disposable email addresses
  • People who join and then do nothing.. lol

We're looking forward to having you!