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Android + iOS: Run MxM as a Web App

Posted on 18 October 2021 09:26 pm

"How do I access the apps for MxM?" 


Our apps aren't available yet, but they will materialize soon. Until then, you can actually run MxM as a full web app on both iOS and Android. This simply means that your phone will run as if it were a standalone app, which means it won't require the browser. This ability has existed in our code for a while, and we’re just now saying something about it.


Android OS Quick Guide


SEE: Android tip: How to run your mobile website in “web app” mode


iOS Quick Guide


Click the share sheet icon.


Tap "Add to Home Screen". 


Choose a name for your web app! 


You're done. Open it. 


When you do, it'll open in full screen - and from the app switcher and across iOS, it'll operate as if it were a standalone application - minus notifications, unfortunately. 


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