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Using MxM's networking in cities, smaller towns & regions

Posted on 17 October 2021 06:44 pm

"I don't live in a big city, region, or country. Can I still successfully network with nearby fetish guys with MxM?" 



Due to being new, making connections using our platform can be a bit unpredictable. Our roughly 1.4K members (and growing) are spread all over the world. While the largest share of members is nearly tied between the United States and the United Kingdom (3rd is Germany, big surprise there), any of our members could easily be your next door neighbor. That has proven to be the case a couple of times already!


SEE: INTERVIEW - @Enjoytrampling & @Grender45 of Hungary

ALSO: "Gotta give thanks..."

Given our privacy controls and how long it takes the average member to open up, you wouldn't even know until they wanted you to. And that's why it works against you to keep your profile blank and not put your (... laughsbest foot forward

How do I put my best foot forward as a new or existing member and increase my chances?

Make an introductory post, for starters!

The first footfall should land in our Introductions forum - located here. The forum is great because it's a common area, meaning it stays the same no matter what user is viewing it. [⚠️ BONER WARNINGTap here for an excellent example of a solid intro post. Tap here for another. Tap here for one more!


Check the Nearby page. 

Nearby, located here, is a location-based feature that shows members who are near you. It's currently biased to work better for newer members. It plots a few of the closest profiles detected on the map. The profiles list, which can be expanded using the adjustable slider, will even show a button to add those new people as friends and show how far they are in kilometers. 

Anyway, check there to see if you see anyone! And don't be discouraged if you don't, because there are still more ways to be discovered! 


Post what you're looking for - here.

That link is for the the Classifieds / ISO (in search of) forum! Go there, drop a title with your location and fetish interest, then share what you're looking for! This ensures that when someone nearby joins, they'll see your post and contact you. 


Join a group or three - start here.

There are two main types of fetish groups on MxM - Meetup Groups and Fetish Groups. Meetup groups are based on a locale, whether it be city, state, metro, venue like a BDSM club, whatever. Fetish groups are based on fetish or kink interest. You can even create your own!


Get involved. Comment. Reply to threads. Flirt. You get the idea.

By commenting on posts, messaging profiles that are interesting, replying to threads and keeping a solid profile, you're all but ensuring you sow the seeds to connect with incredible guys as the community grows. 


It may not happen right away, but you will eventually succeed.

When that happens, practice common sense and ALWAYS ID whoever you meet. If possible, meet in a public place before you go into the privacy of a home, hotel, AirBnB or whatever. 


We hope this helps!