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Website trackers: Our Privacy Report

Posted on 30 September 2021 09:45 pm

We appreciate your recognizance of your privacy. To meet you halfway, we've produced this article. Your web browser may identify the following as "trackers" present in our website's code. Blocking/disabling these site elements may break the website - and cause problems we won't be able to provide a fix for. 


Trackers from

CF shields our website from cyberattack, especially DDOS attacks (DDOS attacks overwhelm a server with traffic until it burns out and is knocked offline). Normally, we have CloudFlare functionality reduced until a threat forces us to enable it. CloudFlare does analyze site traffic for similar analytics like Google does, which is why your browser may alert you.


Trackers from, & Google Analytics

They are the same, actually! Google Analytics is used how you might expect - gives us vision on what/how much traffic we're getting in realtime, which helps us adjust the website to be more relevant to you. It's harmless, and helps us send less "how are we doing" emails to you.


Tracker from

We have a Facebook-specific feature - Login with Facebook. Your browser may identify it as a tracker since it takes you to Facebook and back when used as a login method.


Tracker from


Jsdelivr is the core of our media cloud provider's Content Delivery Network (CDN). What this allows is someone in, say, Australia being able to access media content on MxM at the same speed as someone in North America.


If your browser identifies any other trackers / site elements you want clarification on, you can submit a request - we'll be happy to assist. 


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