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Issues Registering as a Member

Posted on 30 September 2021 03:45 am

Your issues with registration could be a few things. Continue below for solutions. 

The registration form itself.

In rare circumstances, the registration form may contain glitches or bugs that prevent you from successfully registering. Please reach out to us when that happens.

Your internet connection - maybe. 

When you get to the bottom of the form (where you agree to our Terms, etc and click register), wait until you get a confirmation letter in red text that says that registration was successful. Slow internet speeds have been known to make this part take longer than usual, so be patient if you have a weaker than normal connection. 


You might already have an account/membership with us. 

Obviously, you can't register twice with the same email. If you try to re-use an email, the system will let you know it's already in use. To get back into your existing account, follow the brief guidance here.


You're registering with credentials that reflect a banned user. 

We're surprisingly capable of detecting users that create new accounts to get around bans. If you were banned previously, you're better off contacting us to appeal and discuss your ban. We will eventually realize it's you, otherwise. 


Something else 

Whatever it is, we want to know and help! Submit a Support Request above, or email us (it does the same thing) by clicking here.



Any questions, concerns, curiosities? Feel free to submit a Support Request or email your question to


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