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• I need to reset my password.  
• My membership is disabled. 
• My membership was terminated, seemingly without warning. 
• I’m blocked from registering.  
• The MxM apps aren’t responding to my login.
• I want to enable Two-factor Authentication (2FA) for my account to make it more secure.
• I’m locked out - after putting in the wrong password too many times.
• I think someone got into my account. What should I do?  

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  New Member FAQ


MxM is a new community whose goal is to provide a place like no other for men of fetish to express themselves - without judgement. 

You’re someone who believes in a quality fetish community experience, which we provide and fiercely safeguard. You like to let loose. You have fetishes that few/ no one understands, or want to meet others near and far who "get it". You want a secure place to go and be “you”. You like the color purple. You don’t think gear is necessary to be a part of the kink/fetish community. You bring yourself to the table, 

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  Contacting The Team


+1 (615) 551-9994

[email protected]

You can email, message, or call. Reach us however feels best for you.




Managing Director
Email Logan X.S.


Email @N2orlboi


Email @Crushmemelb


Managing Director



  What’s New?

  Updated  8/19/2020  @ 2:00 AM CDT

August 18th 2020 @ MxM Network

- Crushing added to list of “Mainly Into” fetishes 
- Added SMS as a Password Recovery method, alongside Email (your phone number must be on file for this to work)
- SMS is now the default verification method for registration
- Ability to request new “mainly into” fetishes added to registration 

August 13th 2020 @ MxM Network

- Pasting a Twitter link into the posting box renders a card of that tweet
- Activated a phone support line for members in the US & Canada
- Added a support code for that phone support line to  Settings > My Membership Details

July 20th 2020 @ MxM Network

- Refreshed the support portal for MxM
- Added BiggerCity and Chasable to the Social tab in Settings, as fields available for member profiles 
- activated CloudFlare protection for the network

July 13th 2020 @ MxM Network

- Began managing profile quality via guidelines established in April 2020’s Terms of Service update

July 9th 2020 @ MxM Network

- Added "Who's Online", a shortcut to see which members are currently online, to the menu dropdown
- Added "Classifieds", a shortcut to the forum where ads are posted

July 9th 2020 @ MxM Network, Videonet

For Videonet:

- Revised “Member’s Login” to “Sign In”
- Videonet will now automatically authenticate using your MxM Network membership when you press “Sign In”
- Revised “Sign Out” to “Return to MxM Network”, which switches you back to the main site

For Network:

- Added “Switch to Videonet” to the dropdown menus on desktop, tablet, and smartphones